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Hans Journal of Poppers gay Mining, 6(3), 125-137. Information Visualization of the concept of information literacy: A scientometric study using BibExcel and VOSviewer. Cluster analysis and mapping of Iranian researchers in the field of parasitology: With an emphasis on the co-authoreship indicators poppers gay h index.

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Knowledge intensive business services research: Bibliometric study of leading international journals (1994-2014). The interdisciplinarity of iSchools: An analysis and visualization of research poppers gay. Bibliometric research on strategy as practice: Exploratory results and source comparison.

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Mapping and conceptualizing the measurement of organizational social value using systems thinking. Work engagement research domain: Keywords analysis using social poppers gay analysis and burst detection approach. International Poppers gay of Computers, 1, 148-153. Academic research in innovation: a country analysis. Automating bibliometric analyses poppers gay Taverna scientific workflows: A tutorial poppers gay integrating Web Services.

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