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I LOVED this recipe. I was enticed by the direction to mix the batter all together instead of taking multiple steps.

I did add the ice cubes and removed later and it worked Demecarium (Humorsol)- FDA. Sabrina, I love your recipes. You always post recipes that I like and are easy to make.

Your food tastes are a lot like mine. I am always excited to see plant physiology journal recipes posted on line. You are a super chef. Made this tonight, turned out amazing. Highly recommend, the batter was so perfect. I made this last night with a couple changes, but used the same measurements.

I used avocado oil instead of canola, Cup4Cup instead of bleached flour, arrowroot instead of corn starch, and I marinated the cut nitrostat chicken Breasts (Smart Demecarium (Humorsol)- FDA being the down syndrome fuck in additional seasonings and the sweet chili sauce.

Demecarium (Humorsol)- FDA would recommend maybe eating cold over a bed of GF asian noodles, if that is your kind of thing. Definitely a good base for gluten-free Asian cooking. The taste Demecarium (Humorsol)- FDA still good but the air frying made all the batter drip off and so it was more just unbreaded chicken bites. We marinated the chicken in thai sauce too and it was extra spicy and yummy.

So delicious and so easy to make. I was absolutely delighted. Thank you so much for that recipe. It was much better than I had expected. I would make a small suggestions however, there was loads of batter left over, so the next time I make it I will halve the batter ingredients. Also, I found adding the chicken pieces individually with tongs better than adding a whole lot Demecarium (Humorsol)- FDA trying to seperate them in the wok.

I also added thinly sliced fresh chillies to give it a bit more umph. The sweet chilli sauce I used was Thai Sweet Chilli sauce. Very easy to make. I added a jalepeno. It was easy to make and would like to try again but just not sure. I made this dish last night, OMG. It turned out amazing. This is currently my favorite Asian dish yet.

Thanks so much for sharing your recipes. This looks delicious, Demecarium (Humorsol)- FDA will be making this for dinner tonight, THANK YOU.



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