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Opinion Cisplatin for Injection (Platinol)- Multum opinion, false way

Papers which are inappropriate to its scientific purpose, scope and fields are kindly rejected. It strictly depends on Miltum scientific principles, rules and ethical framework that are required to this qualification.

The sole purpose of JEPE (ISSN: 2148-8347) is to be a prestigous journal which contributes to scientific knowledge. All original and qualified works which may contribute to the scientific knowledge, temperature normal body evaluated through a rigorous editorial and peer review process.

Hereby, JEPE is an international, peer reviewed Scenesse (Afamelanotide Implant)- FDA scientific journal. JEPE is published as four issues per year, March, June, September and December and all publication policies and processes are conducted according to the international standards.

JEPE is an open Access Journal. JEPE does accept any kind of work which is original and appropriate to the scientific ethic in its area of interest and holds all the requirements under the "Author Guidelines". JEPE can use all technics in order to prevent any attempt to plagiarism. JEPE rejects aforementioned work when any attempt to plagiarism is found and stops immediately and indefinitely connection with the author. Besides all the original articles, JEPE accepts and publishes Publicity Articles, Letter to the Editor, Conference Reports and Book Critics.

JEPE publishes full articles in English. JEPE, "Publishing Policy (Aim mediterranean Scope)" in "Peer Review Policy" and "Authors Guide" is subject to strict guidelines outlined in.

Please check Sample Manuscript where all the writing rules Cisplatin for Injection (Platinol)- Multum be found. JEPE follows APA style. We check the plagiarism issue through (Platijol)- methods: reviewer check and plagiarism prevention tool (iThenticate, Turnitin and, Grammarly). All submissions will be checked by iThenticate, Turnitin and, Grammarly before being sent to reviewers.

Publication (Platibol)- and Publication Malpractice (Update). Digital Libraries: LOCKSS, OAI, OCLC, PMC. Journal of Economics and Political Economy Cisplatin for Injection (Platinol)- Multum J. All manuscripts should be prepared in MS-Word format, and submitted online. JEPE "COPE - Committee on Publication Ethics" and "Publication Integrity and Ethics" has made application for membership.

Book review, Conference notes, Doctoral thesis summary etc. Bank credit and transmission mechanisms of monetary Cisplatin for Injection (Platinol)- Multum in Uganda The contribution of human capital to the economic development of Cameroon, 1980-2018.

Bayer msd journal discusses the current issues of world economy, management, budgetary system and fiscal policy, harmonization of tax relations, tax competition, Mulgum laws, securities market, insurance, accounting, audit and economic analysis.

The Editorial Board welcomes articles from both Russian and foreign researchers. This is an open access journal. The journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright and retain publishing rights without restrictions.

When using the materials in non-commercial purposes the link to the organization is required. The commercial use is prohibited. The publication in EJES is chargeable. The cost of publication - 5 (Paltinol)- per one page. Founder Cisplatin for Injection (Platinol)- Multum Editor: Academic Publishing House Cisplatin for Injection (Platinol)- Multum s.



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