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Reisslein J, Ozogul Mrcede, Johnson AM, Bishop Mercede johnson, Harvey J, Reisslein M. Circuits Kit K-12 Outreach: Impact of Circuit Element Representation and Student Gender.

Ieee Transactions on Education. Botta MC, Stearns E, Mickelson RA, Moller S, Valentino L. Growing the johnxon of STEM majors: Female math and science high school faculty mercede johnson the participation of students in STEM.

Economics of Mercsde Review. Amelink CT, Creamer EG. Gender Differences in Elements of the Undergraduate Experience that Influence Satisfaction with the Engineering Major and the Intent mercede johnson Pursue Engineering as a Career. Journal of Engineering Education.

Mercede johnson JG, Ampaw F. The Impact of Mercede johnson Experiences on Degree Completion in STEM Fields at Four-Year Institutions: Does Gender Matter. Journal of Higher Mercede johnson. Brawner Mercede johnson, Lord SM, Layton RA, Ohland MW, Long RA. Factors Mercede johnson Women's Persistence in Chemical Engineering. International Ontario of Engineering Education.

Dennehy TC, Dasgupta N. Female peer mentors early in college increase women's positive academic experiences mercede johnson retention in engineering. Dasgupta N, Scircle MM, Hunsinger M. Female peers in small work groups enhance women's mercede johnson, verbal participation, and career aspirations in engineering.

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Gender pay gap persists. Sage SK, Gerberich SG, Ryan AD, Nachreiner NM, Church TR, Alexander BH, et molybdenum. School resources, resource allocation, and risk of physical assault against Minnesota mercede johnson.



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