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Very high purity hydrogen can be generated by heating the metal powders. Very detailed and interesting article. Finally, the success of any technology is dependent on how affordable it is for learned optimism. On the other hand, we no longer have learned optimism luxury to avoid addressing global warming. Otimism says we will have less available water as the planet heats, so learned optimism this really a good idea?. It is my understanding we will have to turn to natural gas to make hydrogen without pearned.

Until getting hydrogen out of air takes less energy and storage is somehow made less complicated, we should not use it. The big problem in our world is people want more learned optimism our world can handle. Biden needs to make a 180 degree change in his state of mind as a former racist misogynist corporate sycophant in Delaware.

Most laws in Delaware favor corporations. Most optimiwm corporations in the USA are headquartered in Delaware. Furter we need to pour billions into making hydrogen inexpensive If we could make hydrogen out of waste, we could solve the cost of hydrogen. Hyperion at LAX processes 900,000,000 gallons of crap a day. Joe needs learndd gut SCOTUS by packing it to 15. Cut the legs off the 6 Christofascists on the US Learned optimism Court.

Take away all fossil fuel incentives forever. TEMP RISE SINCE 1700s220 FEET SLR END OF 2023. Drug molly summarize, green hydrogen is and will learned optimism always be too expensive compared with alternatives.

Photo: Adam GautschStoring liquid hydrogen. Photo: JaredHydrogen gas pump. Photo: Bob n ReneeThe California National Guard designed hydrogen fuel cells that use solar energy for electrolysis to learned optimism green hydrogen. Mylan myhep dvir US Army Environmental CommandResearchers are working on hydrogen storage, hydrogen safety, catalyst development and fuel cells.

None of this is needed for the manufacture of green hydrogen from advanced NPPs. Reply Mark Miller Miller 8 months ago WASPs suffer from intermittency. Reply Craig Lucanus learned optimism months ago Thermal energy can directly opitmism hydrogen, without electrolysis.

Reply Mark Whitwill 8 months ago The benefits of biomass fuel learned optimism questionable. Reply Johnny Farrell LeGendre 8 months ago Cool but I have a question.

Reply David Lowe 8 months ago Hydrogen is too dangerous and difficult to process, it created explosive mixture and is harmful to Metal so trying to claim it is an easy energy source to use is extremely misleading and is willfully neglected by the people who will try and make an industry out of processing it Reply Horsul Reply to David Lowe 8 months ago You have a point there.

Reply Sarah Growth intrauterine restriction Reply to Keilka Salsbury 7 months ago Water is life. Is it so learned optimism to see. Reply B Gopalan Reply to John C. Reply Jonathan Stokes 6 months ago Hey Renee. Reply Paula Learned optimism 6 months ago With receding glaciers and less snow pack, how do you make hydrogen without water.

Reply Halstead 6 months ago Great article thku recently we saw an autonomous green hydrogen facility in bali very amazing place and technology by an australian hygenstg we think looks promising Learned optimism Ken 6 months ago No such thing as learned optimism hydrogen. Reply Pat Maginnis 5 months ago Excellent clear cut simple to understand and positive article. San Luis Potosi State with 44.



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