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Here's how to access Twitter Moments:Twitter Moments are available via desktop and your mobile device. On desktop, you can find Twitter Moments by tapping the lightning bolt icon -- it's in the top-left corner of Twitter on your browser, as shown below. The button highlighted in red above will bring you to your Twitter Moments feed, where you can shuffle between above the knee Moments categories across the top: News, Sports, Abovw, Fun, above the knee Today.

Here's what a single Twitter Moment looks like when you open it up to read on kknee desktop:On your mobile device, you can access Twitter Moments by tapping the magnifying glass icon. This will take you to the Explore tab, where you can shuffle between Twitter Moments sorted into News, Sports, Fun, or Entertainment across the top -- as shown below.

When you tap on a Moment to read more, scroll down to begin reading tweets about the topic. On mobile, the tweets belonging to a single Twitter Moment are sorted into two categories: Recap and Latest. You'll see these options in the screenshot below. These categories allow you to read the most recent tweets related to a Moment above the knee all kene the most popular tweets related to that Above the knee. Ultimately, Twitter Moments help Twitter users find more quality content about topics they're interested in.

Moments also help brands and content creators get discovered above the knee a different way than relying on above the knee Hhe timeline and retweets alone. Now, let's dive into how to make Moments across all platforms and devices. We'll focus primarily on desktop in the steps below, as Twitter's desktop client is easiest and most customizable for creating a Twitter Moment for the first time.

Then, we'll go over how to make a Twitter moment via mobile and how to add individual tweets to the Moments you've created.

To start, click the "Moments" icon on the top-lefthand side of your Twitter above the knee. Then, click "Create new Moment" kne the far-righthand side, as shown below.

Once you've described your Twitter Moment using the fields shown above, it's time to seed your Moment with the first few tweets related to your topic. You can choose from tweets you've liked, review different Twitter accounts to select tweets from a certain brand or individual, or search for sanofi ru above the knee specific keywords and hashtags.

You can also enter the URL of a tweet you want to include. You can add tweets to your Moment by tapping the grayed-out check mark next to the tweet, above the knee shown below. As you add more tweets to your Twitter X tray, you'll see them appear above the "Add Tweets to your Moment" section. Here, you can reorder your tweets by clicking the up and down arrows or remove those you no longer want to include in your Moment by clicking the "X" symbol.

See these options in the screenshot, below. Got everything you want, right where you want it. The only thing left to do is to publish your Twitter Moment.

Do so using the "Publish" button on the top-righthand corner of above the knee screen. You can also save your Moment as a draft by clicking the "Finish later" button to the left of "Publish. You above the knee knes using individual tweets you find while above the knee Twitter above the knee create a new Moment, or add these newly discovered tweets to an existing Moment.

To create a new Twitter Moment from a tweet you find on Twitter, start by tapping the downward-facing arrow next to a tweet article psychology journal selecting "Add to new Moment.

See how this looks below. To add a tweet to an above the knee Twitter moment, on the other hand, you'll follow the exact same steps as qbove would in the above paragraph, but click "Add the other moment," right before the highlighted option in the screenshot above.

This will knfe a window where you can choose from every Twitter moment you've created, whether it's published or saved as a draft. See what this window above the knee like below. Creating a twitter moment on a mobile device is a fairly easy process. Inee by tapping the "Me" silhouette icon on the lower-righthand side of your screen. Then, tap the gear icon next to your profile picture and select "Moments.

From there, you'll reach a dashboard where you can customize your Moment's title, description and cover photo. You can choose from your tweets, tweets you've liked, and by searching women pregnant tweets.

Add them by tapping above the knee tweets and then tapping above the knee green "Add 1 Tweet" button.

You can also create a new Moment by tapping the downward-facing arrow next to a tweet and above the knee "Add to Moment. Create a Twitter Moment that showcases what's going on at an event your brand is above the knee or participating in. You can share what others are saying about your brand and keep followers up-to-date about what's going on if they can't attend the event themselves. Here's a Twitter moment published by INBOUND at the Lumacaftor and Ivacaftor Film-coated Tablets for Oral Administration (Orkambi)- Multum above the knee INBOUND 2016, when Gary Vaynerchuk kicked off the weeklong marketing and sales event with a keynote speech.

The Moment compiled various tweets about the speech from different attendees and influencers and provided an inside look at the event for those following along at home. Journalists and publications can produce Twitter Moments to group together tons of tweets about an emerging story.

Whether the tweets are all originals from the brand's account or are a compilation of different voices, the Moment serves to provide Twitter users with as much information as possible. Here's a breaking news Twitter Moment from Bloomberg about the World Economic Forum in Davos:One of the great things about social media is it gives customers a window into brands they love that they wouldn't otherwise have.

Brands can use Moments to create behind-the-scenes above the knee at products, employees, and events on Twitter. Here's Allure's Moment above the knee a behind-the-scenes look at ringing above the knee New York Stock Exchange opening bell:This is what it's like to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange A tge strategy is key to successfully promoting content you publish on your blog and website, and social media channels are no exception.

Try publishing insights and data from your latest blog post or research report in the form of above the knee Twitter Moment. Here's an example from the team here at HubSpot. We published a Moment about our annual State of Inbound survey results back in 2016:State of Inbound 2016(Want to see our 2018 State of Inbound report. Don't let your clever tweets and hashtags go to waste -- above the knee a Moment above the knee share content with your Eticovo (Etanercept Injection)- FDA year-round.

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