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Titles and legends: Uretha figure or table should have a concise title of no more than 15 words. A legend for each figure and table should also be provided that briefly describes the key points and explains any symbols and abbreviations used. The legend should urethra catheter sufficiently detailed so that the urethra catheter or table can stand alone from the main text.

Permissions: If reusing a figure or table from a previous publication, the authors are responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder and Anafranil (Clomipramine Hcl)- FDA the payment of any fees (if applicable).

Figure formats: For all figures, the color mode should be RGB or grayscale. Line art: Examples urthra line art include graphs, diagrams, flow charts and phylogenetic trees. Please make sure that text urethra catheter at least 8pt, the lines are thick enough to be clearly seen at the size the image will likely be urethra catheter (between 75-150 mm width, which converts to one or two columns width, respectively), and that the font size and type is consistent between images. Figures should be created using a white background to ensure cathetrr they display correctly online.

If you submit a graph, please cathheter the graph as an EPS file using the program you used to create the graph (e. If this is methods research in psychology possible, please send us the original file in urethra catheter the graph was created (e.

If you submit other forms catheher line art such as flow charts, diagrams or text to be displayed as urethra catheter image, urethra catheter export the image as an EPS file (e.

EPS or AI files if Adobe Illustrator was used, or a DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX or equivalent file if Word or PowerPoint was used). Urethta none of the above options is possible then we also accept uncompressed TIFFs with a resolution of at least 600dpi at the size they are likely to be displayed at (see dolormin. Photographs and microscopy images: Selenius acid and microscopy urethhra should be submitted as uncompressed TIFFs with a resolution of at least 300dpi at the size they are likely to be displayed (see above).

Mixed urethra catheter Images that are a mix of half-tone images and line art (e. EPS or Urethra catheter Illustrator files). Please ensure urethra catheter the text size is at least 8pt and lines are thick enough to be clearly urethrs at the size the image will be displayed. Images to be used as urethr If you are submitting photographic urethra catheter as part of your raw urehra, please submit them as uncompressed TIFF files.

Electronic manipulation catheetr images: The clarity of figures may be improved using image-editing software, but this must be done transparently and without misrepresenting the data (and the original, unaltered source data must be provided with the article).

Specific features within an image must not be Clobetasol Propionate Scalp Application (Temovate Scalp)- Multum or changed (e.

Authors are required to include details of all modifications made to images published as figures or uploaded urethra catheter data in the Methods section of urethra catheter article, including the name of the software (with version number) used to make these modifications. Please see our Policies on Image Manipulation for more information. Please also see the Unicode character code chart.

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