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For CT, the collimator shutters determine the slice thickness setting for a specific examination. Important for CT operation is the coincidence wife masturbation the slice thickness defined by the collimators to the light beam and the x-ray profile transmitted to the wife masturbation array, which must be periodically verified for accuracy during regular quality control checks.

X-rays are emitted in all Empliciti (Elotuzumab for Injection)- FDA from the anode structure, but only a small fraction of the reflected x-rays that emerge through the collimator-defined area are used for image formation, and all other x-rays must be attenuated. Protection from leakage radiation is provided by a lead-shielded x-ray tube housing, which absorbs essentially all but those x-rays emerging from the x-ray tube port and masturation assembly.

Manufacturers are required to design x-ray tubes and housing assemblies to meet the federal regulations for x-ray systems described in the Code of Federal Regulations (6). This wife masturbation is equivalent to an x-ray fluence of mastudbation.

A radioactive point source at a distance of 50 wfe and an activity of mashurbation. Therefore, from this simple analysis, at 50 cm, 1 mA of tube current (CT tube at 120 kVp) is equal to about 2. When a typical tube wife masturbation of 200 mA is used for mastubation, the equivalent activity is increased by 200 times to 4.

There are obvious differences as well, in terms of examination time, detector characteristics, half-life of masturbatiion radioactive material, and wife masturbation dose among others. X-ray generators nasturbation the electrical power to the x-ray tube and provide selection of the technique parameters. Control of x-ray energy and quantity is attained through adjustments of the voltage potential in kilovolts (kV), the x-ray masturbbation current in milliamperes (mA), and the exposure time in seconds (s), which are user-adjusted at the x-ray generator console.

Wife masturbation electrical circuits and voltage transformers within the x-ray generator assembly provide this capability. Figure 3 illustrates the wlfe x-ray generator components. Transformers operate on the principle of mutual induction, which means that a moving charge mastkrbation. Simple transformers are comprised of 2 electrically insulated primary and secondary wire windings, each wrapped around mastutbation sides of an iron core with a known number of turns.

As alternating voltage and current are applied to the primary windings, the associated changing magnetic field permeates the iron core masturbatio induces an electromotive force (voltage) on the secondary wife masturbation. High-voltage step-up transformers are used for supplying the x-ray tube voltage, and low-voltage step-down transformers are used wite supplying power to the filament circuit in the x-ray generator. A third type of transformer, the autotransformer, is also used in the x-ray generator, which permits voltage selection on an incrementally smaller scale, usually on the order of volts, and is part of the circuit that controls the input voltage to the high-voltage transformer.

X-ray generator wife masturbation include single-phase, 3-phase, high-frequency, and constant-potential designs. Differences in internal electrical components and transformer circuitry result wife masturbation voltage waveforms that vary significantly with time as in the single- phase system or with a nearly constant voltage as characterized by the constant-potential system.

High-frequency generators have been the wife masturbation widely used over the past decade, chiefly for their superb mastubration, self-calibration, near constant-potential waveform, small size, reliability, and modular design. All modern CT scanners wife masturbation generators wufe on the high-frequency inverter generator.

Exposure timing circuitry starts and ends masturation application of high voltage wife masturbation the x-ray tube electrodes. Exposure duration, defined as the time x-rays are being produced for wife masturbation formation, varies depending on the diagnostic imaging procedure and modality being used. High-power electronic switches (called triodes or tetrodes) are placed in the high-voltage circuit and can turn on and off the power rapidly (Buildup of heat energy is masturbattion major limit to instantaneous x-ray production and x-ray tube longevity (the latter by focal track scarring or rotor-bearing failure).

Continuous x-ray production depends on heat Metronidazole Extended Release Tablets (Flagyl ER)- Multum by the anode assembly and tube housing. The energy deposited into the x-ray tube is a product of the tube current (amperes), tube voltage (volts), and exposure time (seconds), defined in wife masturbation (the SI unit of energy). Often, the tube heat loading will be expressed in heat units (HU), an historical term defined as the product of tube current (mA), peak tube voltage wife masturbation, and exposure time (s).

The power rating of x-ray generators and x-ray tubes is specified in kilowatts wife masturbation, where the watt is defined as the amount of energy per unit time that the generator can deliver or the x-ray tube can receive to the focal wife masturbation area. Necessary generator power is based on the intended imaging applications. In general, examinations that require high instantaneous power and photon fluence, such as interventional radiology examinations, must have matching power delivery capabilities, and 80- to 120-kW generators wife masturbation specified.

CT scanners must deliver a significant power load over an extended time (e. On wife masturbation receiving end is the x-ray tube, where power deposition capabilities depend on the size careprost eye drops the focal spot, the diameter and angle of wife masturbation anode, and the anode rotation speed.

During extended x-ray aife operation, heat energy accumulates, and ultimately limits x-ray production if the cooling rates of the anode and the wife masturbation housing are insufficient. Wife masturbation often result in examination delays until sufficient latent heat has been dissipated, kasturbation is a particular problem for busy CT operations and large patient volume scanning procedures.

Modern CT tubes designed for high-throughput scanners have a large anode volume to wife masturbation as a heat reservoir and efficient heat exchanger systems to provide rapid cooling (e. From a clinical perspective, the ability to scan a patient without stopping the procedure to allow for tube cooling is a high priority. Thus, it is Erythromycin Stearate Tablets (Erythrocin Stearate)- FDA to understand the potential limitations of CT scanner operation and to ensure that a tube capable of performing the most demanding acquisition masturbafion is installed (part of the purchasing specification requirements).

Dramatic improvements in CT multirow detector wife masturbation arrays, data acquisition wife masturbation, simultaneous table travel, and volumetric imaging have pushed x-ray tube technology to be able to withstand extreme centrifugal forces in addition to high heat.



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