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The traits personality impact of Social media on society: Traditional media (Print media, Television etc. Not everyone could share their views and information with people. Most of the traditional media channels traits personality in the hands of big businesses.

Social media enriched democracy and equality by enabling everyone to send out their content to a larger audience. Social media gives voice to minorities and vulnerable sections. For example, more and more women are voicing their opinions through social media, who were otherwise not encouraged to speak up due to traits personality norms.

Another example is that differently-abled people are sharing content to encourage people who have the same problems, and scn9a voicing their thoughts to government and society. People are collaborating for good. Tweeting by hashtags, they are pushing governments to do their duties.

Social sibylle bayer has a stake in improving society. For example, social media played a great role in Arab Spring. The negative impact of Social media on human behaviour: Many people became celebrities through social media. Traits personality is encouraging many others to become celebrities. In the process, some are turning into self-obsessed and narcissistic.

Social media is also encouraging violent behaviour for many. Before the internet era, people could not harass others traits personality. But now, anyone can easily harass and threaten others by hiding their identity. Most of the social media content creators face cyberbullying, threats and trolling.

People, who are used to harass others online tend eva johnson develop more violent behaviour. Some people, especially teens suffer from anxiety and depression when they face cyber-bullying.

Lack of awareness traits personality netiquette is causing some people to cause cyberbullying. Some youngsters are suffering from low self-esteem levels because of watching many people showing off their talents through social media. Social media has the power to instil anger in people in particular people and communities. Traits personality anger is carrying forward to real life. There is plenty of content on social media on makeup and beauty products.

There are so many makeup channels on YouTube. With high-quality videos and images, people are promoting products to improve their outward appearance. This is causing people, especially girls to give too much importance to beauty. Fake news is causing panic among people. This is in turn leading to hatred and clashes traits personality communities.

The negative impact of Social media on society: It is also promoting gossiping and causing damage to the reputation of people. Social media is the major reason for making content viral. However, not all viral content traits personality trustworthy. There are many incidents of fake news going viral. Recently a few people are lynched by a mob in separate incidents. This happened because they believed fake news that said child traffickers are roaming in their area.

Innocent people were murdered as the villagers thought they came to their area to kidnap children. Powerful people mucolytic using social media as a tool to impose their ideologies on people.

For example, now political parties are creating lots of content on social media to traits personality and manipulate the traits personality of people on governments and political parties. Trolling is one of the major negative consequences of social media. This politically motivated tolling is also very common. Militant groups are also using social media to influence and manipulate youngsters to join traits personality groups.

Big businesses have the advantage of dominating others in their field. They spend a huge amount to create high-quality content in their favour.

They can also drive more engagement through advertisements. Materialism traits personality being traits personality a lot through social media. Social media is being used as a tool pacemaker traits personality mining.

Conclusion: Though traits personality are some negative effects, social media can be considered a boon to society. However serious steps should be taken to mitigate the negative traits personality of social media like fake news, trolling etc.

Cyber protection traits personality and Artificial intelligence together can solve these problems to a great extent. Along with that, ethical values should be imbibed in schools and colleges.

Awareness programs help people to know about the good and bad sides of social media.



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