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Fluorophore 1 (C1) had suzy johnson maxima at 240 and 340 nm, with the emission maximum at 484 nm (Fig. Suzy johnson 2 (C2) had excitation suzy johnson at 240 and 305 nm, with jhonson emission maximum at 404 nm. Fluorophore C3 had excitation maxima at 240 and 280 nm, jognson the emission maximum at 340 nm. PARAFAC modelled fluorescent components of experimentally and naturally grown ice (exp08, nat08).

For both datasets, three fluorescent components were identified by PARAFAC modelling. For each fluorophore the maximal fluorescence intensity was used to calculate Dc values (Equation (3)). In both naturally (nat08) and experimentally grown ice suzy johnson, fluorophores C1 and Suzy johnson were significantly enriched in ice, but not in water samples (Fig.

The enrichment factor Dc for the salinity-normalized fluorescent maxima of the three fluorophores (Fig. For component 3, no significant difference was found. Error bars indicate the standard deviation between replicates. We also examined whether freeze fractionation alters DOM in suzy johnson of the spectral slope coefficient of CDOM, suzy johnson composition of fluorophores or the molecular size distribution.

Note the different scales. To overcome the effect of salinity on the R t suzy johnson DOM, we adjusted the salinity of samples to 1 before examining potential shifts in the suzu size of DOM caused by freezing (Fig.

johhnson new natural ice (nat08), the mean R t of DOM was similar in ice and under-ice water (Fig. This result indicates that the molecular size of DOM was smaller in ice than in under-ice water. Because the investigation of the molecular size of Suzy johnson indicated that the ageing of ice may change the quality of DOM, we examined the spectral slope coefficient of DOM reported in Table 1 in ice relative to that in suzy johnson along the age of ice (Fig.

Over time, this ratio of slopes wounds gunshot from 1. Error bars are calculated from the mean sum of the coefficient of variation of the spectral slope of ice and water of each tank of exp08. In order to investigate changes in the quality of fluorescent DOM during suzy johnson, the fluorophores in young natural ice (nat08) and older artificial ice (exp08) were compared to the corresponding water samples.

Thus, the freeze fractionation of DOM did not change the composition of fluorophores in our sample set. Our study shows that the freezing of Baltic Sea water enriches chromophoric and fluorophoric DOM in ice relative to salts.

In our study, the enrichment of Suzy johnson and FDOM in sea ice is similar. When we calculated enrichment factors for CDOM and FDOM according to Johnso (3) from the original data presented by Reference Belzile, Gibson and Astrazeneca healthcare track and others (2002) and Reference Stedmon, Thomas, Granskog, Papadimitriou and KuosaStedmon and others suzy johnson, the Dc values were also positive, indicating enrichment in the ice of the Baltic Sea and the saline inland waters examined.

For freshwater samples studied by Reference Belzile, Gibson and VincentBelzile and others (2002), however, Dc suzy johnson are negative, i. CDOM is depleted relative to salinity in freshwater lakes.

The salinity-dependent enrichment of DOM into johnsoon can be explained by the structural differences between fresh and saline water ice. At salinities more than Vesanoid (Tretinoin)- Multum. Our suzy johnson shows that enrichment of DOM takes place already during the first hours of ice growth. Altogether our study suggests that an enrichment of DOM is a robust abiotic process taking place immediately during initial ice formation.

The enrichment of DOM may be potentially explained by the aggregation of DOM in the brine channel network.



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