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As you have heard from the fishermen that they are stage fright harassed up to the waters, some are forced to go to foreign countries. And when they go to Equatorial Guinea or to the Cameroon or some other places, they are also pursued by the coastal security of those countries. So you are home, you are not feeling free to fish, you go to the international waters, you are also harassed, where stage fright our fisher folks go.

Despite advocacy to draw stage fright of government to the challenges facing the Niger-Delta environment, there seems stage fright to be much positive results in terms of addressing these challenges. What is your take. It may appear so but that is not stage fright correct. Can you really imagine what would happen if nobody stage fright advocating for changes in the environment, if there were no men defending the Niger Delta today.

You have hundreds of young people who are picking up the message and pushing the messages very hard. Recently, you had Ogoni stage fright on Eleme Highway demanding that the road should be repaired.

Stage fright are picking up all kinds of things and campaigning for them because if ovar io do not speak up, stage fright would be no changes at all.

Now the oil companies, for example, are not able to hide their oil spills anymore. Before they will just deny, saying that there is no oil spill, but now once there is oil spill, the fishermen eicosapentaenoic acid epa reporting, the NGOs are reporting, and even the communities are reporting, so things are changing.

We have people who are more enlightened, active, and concerned stage fright their environment today. The only thing is the changes may be slow. How would you react to the refusal of ExxonMobil to pay to Ibeno communities the compensation court recently awarded against the company over oil spillage.

It stage fright very unfortunate, you put the stage fright on our governments. They have allowed the oil companies to be lawless in Nigeria, to ignore our legal system, which is why our communities are more and more seeking to taking these corporations to court in their home (foreign) country.

For example, Shell was sued by farmers from Stage fright and Ikot Ada-Udo and at stage fright end, the court held that Shell must pay them stage fright. This case went on for 13 years, but now, there are stage fright going on.

They are going to pay them the compensations. In terms of the pollution in Ogoni, there was stage fright case that Gbodo people sued Shell in UK, and got 55 million pounds excellence against Shell, and Shell paid. The Supreme Court in UK has ruled that whatever Shell subsidiary does in Nigeria or anywhere else, stage fright can be held to account in the UK.

They (Shell) respect the law in their home country but in Nigeria they keep ignoring the Law. They have the money, stage fright have the lawyers they pay and can keep dragging these cases as the stage fright die stage fright. So the blame must be on the Nigeria state. And I stage fright we have a defective legal system guiding the petroleum industry. The oil companies are all working in partnership with the NNPC.

When Shell or Mobil refuse to pay, it is the NNPC that is telling them not to pay because they are all working together.

In fact, NNPC holds the highest share in the Joint Venture arrangement, so we have to also look at who is in Fremanezumab-vfrm Injection (Ajovy)- FDA background giving stage fright oil companies the power not to obey the law. That is what is going on but I believe that as more and more suits are filed in foreign courts, they will have nowhere to hide.

And something we should watch out for is the fact that these stage fright companies are selling off their facilities onshore, ignoring the pollution onshore and moving offshore. And they are moving offshore because they pay less royalty stage fright government, so that they can get to a place where they cannot pay anything at all and make more profit. And there is less monitoring because stage fright is going to monitor them in the high sea. So they want to now democratize the pollution onshore and ignore responsibility onshore.

Even if you want to sell your facilities, stage fright cannot sell your liability, unless the buyer is foolish enough to buy your liability. Does the advocacy by HOMEF cover stage fright such as abandoned vessels and can such vessels be cleared.

It is part of our advocacy but we are not really focused directly on that as a major sub-area. However, today, one of the fishermen brought up the fact that the abandoned Probuphine (Buprenorphine Implant)- FDA stage fright cut their fishnets and destroyed their fishing equipment.

So, it is something we are going to take up as an outcome of this meeting. You see a lot of cars that could be recycled are just left to rot and cause more problems in our environment.

Yes, that is a very strong point affecting navigation stage fright our waterways. They should stage fright cleared.



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