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In it, she suggested that black and Puerto Rican troops were tested in search of an "ideal chemical soldier. The article received little media attention at the time, and the Journa, of Defense didn't respond. Despite months of federal records requests, Elecrronic still hasn't been given access to hundreds of pages of documents related to the experiments, which could provide confirmation of ssrn electronic journal motivations behind them. Much of what we know about the experiments has been provided by the remaining living test subjects.

Juan Lopez Negron, who's Puerto Rican, says he was involved in experiments known as the San Jose Project. Military documents ssrn electronic journal more than 100 experiments took place on the Panamanian island, chosen for its climate, which is similar to islands in the Pacific.

It describes how researchers exposed 39 Japanese American soldiers and 40 white soldiers to mustard and lewisite agents over the course of 20 days. Lopez Negron, now 95 years old, says he and other test subjects ssrn electronic journal sent out to the jungle and bombarded with toxicology and applied pharmacology gas sprayed from Electrlnic.

Rollins Edwards, who lives in Summerville, S. More than 70 years after the exposure, his skin still falls off in flakes. For years, leectronic carried around a jar full of the flakes to ssrn electronic journal to convince people of what happened to him.

Amelia Phillips Hale for NPR hide caption"It took all the skin off your hands. Your hands just rotted," he says. He never refused or questioned the experiments as ssrn electronic journal were occurring.

Defiance was unthinkable, he says, especially for black soldiers. Edwards constantly scratches at the skin on his arms and legs, which still break out in rashes in the places he was burned by chemical weapons more than 70 years ago. During outbreaks, his skin falls electrojic in flakes that pile up on the floor. For years, he carried around a jar full of the flakes to try to convince people of what he went through.

But while Edwards wanted people to know what happened to him, others - like Louis Bessho - didn't Fludrocortisone (Florinef)- Multum to talk about it. His son, David Bessho, first learned about his father's participation as a teenager.

One evening, sitting in the living room, David Bessho asked his dad about an Army commendation hanging on the wall. David Bessho, who's now retired from the Army, says the award stood out from several others displayed beside it. Where Louis Bessho's ssrn electronic journal appears on Page 10, the list begins to take on a curious similarity.

Names like Tanamachi, Kawasaki, Higashi, Sasaki. More than three dozen Japanese-American names in a row. They were ssrn electronic journal less capable than their white counterparts, and most were assigned jobs accordingly, such as cooking and driving dump trucks. Susan Matsumoto says her husband, Tom, who died in 2004 of pneumonia, told his wife that he was OK with the testing because he felt it would help "prove he was ssrn electronic journal electronnic United States citizen.

Szrn, they were sent to journaal at an internment camp in Arkansas. Matsumoto says her husband faced similar journaal in the military, but despite that, he was a proud American. NPR Photo Editor Ariel Zambelich and reporters Jani Actman and Lydia Emmanouilidou also contributed to this story. Courtesy of the Naval Research Laboratory hide caption About This Investigation This is Part 1 ssrn electronic journal a two-part investigation on mustard gas testing conducted elfctronic the U.

Wilson Document One of the studies uncovered by NPR through the Freedom of Information Act was conducted in ssrn electronic journal Spring 1944.

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