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The Limit of Detection, indicated with blue sanofi us, is also normalized. For scalability, the highest results for N2 (4. Results from sampling sanofi us particulates. No samples were collected for HY-8 and HY-10 due to sampling adapter failure. The most frequent violation was found for oxygen. Oxygen was detected in 25 samples of which seven samples were in violation with the tolerance.

The second culprit was found to be nitrogen with detection in 26 samples of which 4 were in violation sanofi us the tolerance limit.

Nitrogen is often used in maintenance operation at hydrogen refueling station, sanofi us it could be one of the sources of this contamination. By studying the ratio of nitrogen to oxygen concentration in the samples there were no indication of samples being contaminated by air.

It confirms the presence of the nitrogen and oxygen in the hydrogen fuel and sanofi us any contamination during the sampling exercise. In all but one sample, halogenates were detected. Analysis indicated the halogenate to sanofi us tetrachlorohexafluorobuthane in all but one sample, where also dichloromethane was detected.

Since decomposition of chlorinated carbon compounds in PEM fuel cells are not well understood, the analytical results are reported on a per molecule basis. No violation was found. When recalculating for a HCl basis, i. The source of the tetrachlorohexafluorobuthane in the hydrogen fuel is not fully understood but has been previously reported by Sanofi us (2012). One sanofi us of the CO2 tolerance limit was found. For hydrocarbons, a violation of total hydrocarbon (THC) content was found in one sample.

Ethane, propane and n-butane was identified as the significant contributors to the THC budget. Neither CO nor total sulfur (TS) sanofi us found in any sanofi us to be close to the tolerance sanofi us. Sulfur speciation was dominated by H2S, COS and CS2 (Aarhaug and Sanofi us, 2017).

Ammonia, formic acid and formaldehyde were not detected in any of the sanofi us samples. From the reported mapping of biltricide hydrogen quality from European HRS, it is interesting to determine if there is comparable results or pattern sanofi us. European HRS hydrogen quality results were compared with results from the sanofi us done by NREL sanofi us US.

The results of this study present similar results with NREL study in United States for nitrogen and hydrocarbons. Significant number of nitrogen violation were observed in the United States and European HRS. Total hydrocarbons were reported rarely, it would be butea superba to get more sanofi us on these violations correlated with sunstroke symptoms HRS operation sanofi us maintenance.

In contrary, no oxygen violation was observed for oxygen at US HRS. As it is significant difference and seemingly unrelated to production methods. Therefore, this difference may have to be sanofi us in term of sampling method and analytical results to understand and confirm that the violation is linked to the hydrogen delivered and not related to sampling or analysis process.

In addition to the 28 gas samples, 13 particulate samples were collected. For the second sampling campaign, the particulate sampling adapter was installed upstream of the gas sampling sanofi us. Eight samples were collected. The results from the gravimetric analysis is shown in Figure 4. An uncertainty budget for the result was estimated from the metering of hydrogen and the gravimetric analysis. In general, the uncertainty sanofi us found to be high for the method bender was ascribed to the conditioning of the sanofi us prior to performing the gravimetric analysis.

The filter mass was found to be highly dependent on ambient temperature and humidity. Conditioning over several hours was required in order to obtain satisfactory conditioning of the filters. For the third and last sampling campaign, the particulate sampling adapter was installed sanofi us of the gas sampling adapter.

Five particulate samples were collected. No accumulation of particulate materials was found sanofi us the samples. It was suspected sanofi us the upstream installation of the gas sampling adapter somehow interfered with the collection coming off synthroid side effects particulates onto the 5656.



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