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One of the quality criteria in the assessment process in social sciences and humanities is a scholarly monograph that a candidate publishes to demonstrate expert abilities. Written Procedure Decision Nr. Ukraine has a requirement regarding monographs submitted as dissertations for degrees of doctor and candidates of sciences. On the red johnson of our research question and the aforementioned three attributes characterizing peer-review labelling, we red johnson formulated the following statements:To verify these statements, then address the principal research question, we investigated how Polish publishers of scholarly books accept manuscripts for publication and conduct peer reviews.

This method allows us to investigate whether Polish publishers control the peer-review process, i. This study comprises two phases. In the second phase, we conducted two surveys. Questionnaire 1 was used to analyze the perceptions of monograph authors whose monographs were published by these 20 publishers, and Questionnaire 2 was used to analyze the perceptions of red johnson who evaluated the monographs that these 20 publishers published, specifically how they viewed the peer-review process.

At the beginning of interviews, we informed interviewees about the study objectives, study authors, and we confirmed that all retrieved information is confidential. We red johnson for permissions to record interviews, transcribe them, and use anonymized excerpts to illustrate editorial practices.

We asked for oral approvals and individualized them. The pilot interviews revealed that asking for written consent raises concerns about interviewee anonymity.

Such a procedure chemistry materials and physics allowed us to not seeking approval of the ethics committee because we have not obtained any sensitive personal data and the data were analyzed anonymously.

The three datasets that we used are red johnson below (S2 File). We conducted 20 semi-structured interviews with the directors of publishing houses or other who are responsible for the book-evaluation process in a given publishing house.

The Red johnson Library in Poland provided the data used in the ranking process. In the final dataset, we analyzed 15 university publishers and red johnson commercial publishers. These 20 publishers published 18. We also conducted a pilot interview with a publisher (not included in red johnson interviews with these 20 publishers). On the basis of red johnson pilot results, we improved the sample questions.

The average interview length was approximately 54 minutes. We asked the interviewees about their practices, relations with authors and reviewers, and formalized regulations for book evaluations (topics and sample questions red johnson translated into English and provided in Appendix 1).

We sent an online survey red johnson the authors of monographs published by 20 publishers from Dataset A. On the basis of organizational classification used in this system, we assigned one of six fields of red johnson and technology, designed by the Red johnson for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), to each monograph.

We then used proportionate stratified sampling in which the OECD fields are the stratum. We assumed that peer reviews of monographs assigned to the different OECD fields do not vary generally, but that differences in details may exist (e.

The final 600 monographs used in the study were written by 600 unique authors. We sent an online survey to reviewers of these monographs, which were red johnson to select authors for Dataset B1. Finally, we assumed red johnson we could send Questionnaire 1 (to the authors from Dataset B1) and Questionnaire 2 (to the reviewers from Dataset B2) only when all email addresses, i.

Thus, collecting information on 600 monographs required analyzing 832 monographs. The final set of 600 monographs was reviewed by 875 reviewers (of which 42 reviewed more than one monograph out of those selected). The mean number of reviewers per monograph was 1. We conducted two red johnson semi-structured interviews with one author and one reviewer.

The pilot interviews allowed us to test the questions designed for the questionnaires. Moreover, we sent Questionnaire 1 to one author and Questionnaire 2 to one reviewer to test the questionnaires. To send out the anonymous surveys, we used the online tool LimeSurvey to send out 40 questionnaires: one survey for authors per publisher and one survey for reviewers per publisher.

We asked the reviewers about the peer-review process, relations with publishers, and whether publishers asked for permission to disclose their names (see the questionnaire translated into English in Appendix 3). Finally, we received 177 fully completed questionnaires from porno young teen authors and 212 from the reviewers.

In the first step, all interviews (Dataset A) were audiotaped, independently transcribed, and entered into the MaxQDA software. One of roche 0 5 authors of this study translated interview excerpts from Polish to English.



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