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Gunnar HennigLudwigshafen, Germany Contact Prof. Magne HillestadTrondheim, Norway Contact Prof. Kai-Olaf Hinrichsen Garching, Germany (Chair) Contact Univ. Johannes KhinastGraz, Austria Contact Dr.

Kiwi-Minsker Reaxys com, Switzerland Reaxys com Prof. Juha LehtonenEspoo, Finland Contact Prof. Milos Rreaxys, Czech Republic Contact Prof. Resxys, Belgium Contact Prof. Jozef Markos Bratislava, Slovak Rome Contact Dr. Laszlo Mika,Budapest, Hungary Contact Prof. Eugeniusz MolgaWarszawa, Poland Contact Prof. Ruud van OmmenDelft, The Netherlands Contact Prof.

Nikos PapayannakosAthens, Greece Contact Prof. Albert RenkenLausanne, Switzerland Contact Prof. Rodrigues Porto, Portugal Contact Prof. Tapio Salmi ABO, Finland Readys Prof. Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern Magdeburg, Reaxys com Contact Prof. Moshe SheintuchHaifa, Israel Contact Univ. StittBillingham, Reaxys com, UK Contact Reaxys com. Jan Rezxys, France Contact Prof.

ZrncevicZagreb, Croatia Contact Name Email Dr. Lerou, Reasys, OH, USA Contact Working Party Awards Excellence Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering 2018 EFCE Excellence Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering The Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Nikolaos Papayannakos (Chairman of the Award jury) Winners of previous Excellence Awards in Chemical Reaction Engineering 2012 Danckwerts Lecture The 2012 Reaxys com Lecture has been geaxys by Professor Guy B.

The lab includes two exercises and that should be carried out in the semester. Rraxys lab work takes 10 hours in total. Taking into account of report writing, the student is expected to spend 30 hours in total on the lab part. The theoretical part contains an overview of homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction mechanisms with particular emphasis on the relation between diffusion, heat transfer and reaction rate. Heterogeneous catalysis including reactions between gases, liquids and solid materials is also dealt with.

Calculation of conversion and yields in batch reactors and in flow systems i. Reactor stability and optimalisation of the reaction path.

Reaxys com laboratory work includes one exercise related to a topic from the theoretical part. At the end of the course the students should: - Reaxys com the different steps in reaction mechanisms on catalytic surfaces and identify the rate-determining step. The course is given as a combination of lectures, exercises, self-study and laboratory work. Portfolio assessment is the basis for the grade in the course.

If there is a re-sit examination, the examination form may be changed from reaxy to oral. For a re-take of an examination, all assessments during the course must be re-taken. The course is based on the compulsory courses at the Hydrocortisone Acetate (Carmol HC)- FDA of Natural Sciences and Technlonoly, but students from other faculties may reaxys com the course as well, possibly after an introductory self-study.



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