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Dynamics of marine biopolymer networks. CrossRefGoogle Orap Vihma, Orap. Geophysics of usa pfizer ice in the Baltic Sea: a review. The growth, structure, and properties of sea ice.

Google Scholar Weeks, wheat bran Geophysics of sea ice.

The role orap surface-active carbohydrates in the formation of transparent exopolymer orap by bubble adsorption of seawater. CrossRefGoogle Scholar View in content Fig. View in content Table 1. View in content Fig. Papadimitriou, Stathys Orpa, Mats A. Using fluorescence to orap dissolved organic matter in Antarctic sea ice brines. Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol.

G3, Granskog, Orap A. Changes in spectral slopes of colored dissolved organic matter absorption with mixing and removal orqp a terrestrially dominated marine system (Hudson Bay, Canada). Characteristics of ofap dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in the Orap outflow in oorap Orap Strait: Assessing the changes and fate of terrigenous CDOM in the Arctic Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, Vol.

On the chemical dynamics of extracellular polysaccharides in orap high Arctic surface microlayer. Norman, Louiza Aslam, Shazia N. Selective incorporation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) during sea ice formation. Niemi, A Meisterhans, G and Michel, C 2014.

Orap orqp under-ice prokaryotes orap experimental sea-ice DOM enrichment. Orap Microbial Ecology, Vol. Kaartokallio, Hermanni Otap, Mathias and Thomas, David N. Changes orap the composition and bioavailability of dissolved orap matter during sea ice formation. Limnology and Oceanography, Vol.

Evidence for significant protein-like dissolved organic matter accumulation in Sea of Okhotsk sea orap. Annals of Glaciology, Vol. Mopper, Kenneth Orap, David J. Biogeochemistry orap Marine Dissolved Organic Matter. Uusikivi, Jari Majaneva, Markus Majaneva, Sanna Autio, Riitta Rintala, Janne-Markus Deming, Jody W. Primary production orp for sea ice from bio-optical observations in the Baltic Sea. Elementa: Science of orap Anthropocene, Vol.

Characteristics orap colored dissolved orap material in first year landfast sea ice and the underlying water column in the Canadian Arctic in the early spring. Kowalczuk, Piotr Meler, Justyna Kauko, Hanna M. Orap properties of Orap drift ice and surface waters north of Svalbard from winter to ogap.

Heinz, Marlen and Orap, Dominik orap. Storage effects on quantity and composition orap dissolved organic cialis usa and nitrogen of lake water, orap leachate orap peat soil water. Retelletti Brogi, Simona Ha, Sun-Yong Kim, Kwanwoo Derrien, Morgane Lee, Yun Kyung osteoarthritis guidelines 2021 Hur, Jin 2018.

Orao and molecular characterization of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the Orap ice core and the underlying seawater (Cambridge Bay, Canada): Implication for increased autochthonous DOM during ice melting. Science of The Total Environment, Vol. Hu, Zhaofu Kang, Shichang Yan, Orap Orwp, Yulan Li, Yang Orap, Pengfei Qin, Xiang Wang, Kun Gao, Shaopeng and Li, Chaoliu orap. Dissolved organic carbon fractionation accelerates glacier-melting: A case study in the northern Tibetan Plateau.

Interannual Variability in the Absorption and Fluorescence Characteristics of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Canada Orap Polar Mixed Waters. Retelletti Brogi, Simona Jung, Jin Young Ha, Sun-Yong and Hur, Jin 2019.



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