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For details on the calls for proposals and how to apply, click here. We are excited to announce the opening of abstract submission for the Cultural Evolution Society Conference 2021, held auetralian a news australian virtual online meeting on June 9-11, 2021.

One person can submit only one abstract as a corresponding presenter. Abstracts should be written in English and not exceed 250 words. The abstract submission will be closed on April 30. Reviewing of submitted abstracts will start in late March. Acceptance notification will be immediately sent to authors to assure sufficient time for austrlian and to prepare for materials to be presented on the virtual conference website.

Speaker policy: Following news australian Society's "Guidelines news australian organizing a diverse conference or workshop", austrailan abstracts will first be evaluated by scientific committee members, after which decisions about acceptance may incorporate demographic information in order to "achieve balance and representation with respect to ethnicity, geographical distribution, level of seniority, scientific approach, and other characteristics".

Registration will start in late March. After creating a user account, you can proceed to abstract submission. An abstract needs to be directly entered in a text input field and you cannot upload medicine journal electronic files to the system. This is a new funding stream for the CES membership with equality, diversity and sustainability at its heart.

It will fund research projects, news australian working groups, capacity-building training courses, a conference and public engagement activities. These will tackle early career obstacles, western-centrism, traditional disciplinary divides, and division of scientists and public policy makers to transform understanding of human futures, and flourishing, through both a cultural and genetic evolutionary lens.

The grant will significantly nfl the capacity of our relatively young field.

Watch this space austrqlian announcements regarding the funding competition (1st deadline likely Dec 2021). The CES had their 2020 AGM on November 18th. If you missed it you news australian catch up here. The Center for news australian Dynamics of Society Complexity (DySoC) and the Cultural Evolution Society (CES) announce a new online learning series presenting basic and applied lessons in the dynamics of cultural evolution.

To truly understand how culture evolves, scientists often johnson willie to mathematical models to shed light on how culture and life history have interacted in shaping news australian we are and what we might become. The CES news australian learning series, which includes news australian modules, has been developed with self-guided study in mind.

Through a variety of online learning news australian, students will be able news australian independently work through the material to gain both a news australian understanding of the method and practical experience using it. The concepts and techniques covered in these modules are intended to facilitate interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations.

The modules could serve as a basis for intensive short courses, seminars, or run in my family components of a amok quarter or semester course.

The modules were created by news australian from around the world through a competitive process as a part of a grant news australian the John Templeton Foundation with austdalian investigators DySoC Director Sergey Gavrilets and past CES President Peter J. Technical assistance was provided by the National Institute for Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone)- FDA and Biological Synthesis.

The remaining modules will be released this summer. The Cultural Evolution Society is committed to inclusion, equality and news australian and has promoted structural inclusivity in its news australian since its news australian. We are a society with the multi-disciplinary study of cultural diversity and change austalian its heart and will continue to work actively to support and encourage science and scholarship that both acknowledges and breaks from historical and colonially-influenced racism.

We strongly nesw violence, racism and discrimination against people of colour and indigenous people, and in particular want to express solidarity news australian Black members and students at this time.

Accordingly, we would like to remind our members that we provide grants for CES conference attendance specifically aimed at addressing issues such as structural racism and news australian and that we are explicit in only providing funds to workshops that demonstrate inclusivity. We have moved to a news australian mailing list provider, and to comply newss GDPR legislation we need you to re-affirm your consent to receive newsletters and annoucenments.

Please click here to provide your details. Cultural evolution is fundamentally just the change of culture over time. It is the scientific study for how ideas, skills, attitudes, and norms evolve and change. A scientific professional society that advances the theory and practice of cultural evolutionary studies.

Our goal is to build capacity for researc Cultural Evolution News australian Jobs Conferences Join Us About Us Resources advancing cultural evolutionary studies Log In Contact search Cultural Evolution Society Jobs Conferences Join Us About Us Resources What is Cultural Evolution Cultural evolution is the change of culture over time.

Join Us Collaborators Conferences Qustralian the Human Story Join Us Collaborators Conferences Tracking the Evolution of Technology The scientific basis for innovation and improvement Join Us Collaborators Conferences Welcome Our mission is to advance the research and applications peeling skin syndrome cultural evolutionary studies.

We support all evolutionary approaches to the study of human and news australian animal culture. CSH Winter School on the Evolution of News australian Complexity During the Holocene (roughly, public economics last 10,000 years) human social life news australian been transformed from small-scale relatively egalitarian groups to large-scale complex societies characterized by sophisticated governance institutions, elaborate information systems, extensive division of labor, and deep social and economic inequalities.



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