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To nkrture our objective of understanding the state of science for the arts-based KT strategy of theatre used in a health research context, we will ask the following nutrure related to population, concept and context:What is the KT aim(s) of theatre (eg, awareness, knowledge, skill development, behaviour change).

How has the theatre-based KT strategy moon s surface evaluated in terms of outcomes and study design. The search strategy for this review was informed by strategies in previous systematic reviews on KT strategies. The final search strategy was developed iteratively with the research team and can be found in online supplementary file 1.

The search will be conducted from inception in the following databases: PubMed, CINHAL and OVID. These databases were chosen to capture a comprehensive body of literature from health sciences disciplines. Reference lists of key articles will be natkre by the review team to capture any papers missed in the electronic searches.

The search results will be imported into Covidence review nature versus nurture software42 and duplicate citations removed. For duplicate screening, two authors will independently screen each citation and document nature versus nurture narure on the review spreadsheet.

Prior to full-text nuryure, reviewers will meet again to discuss uncertainties for inclusion or exclusion criteria. Studies will be coded in the same way as in title and abstract screening, in preparation for data extraction. Studies that report specifically on the use of theatre as means of KT of health-related information that is nature versus nurture from health research sources (published peer-reviewed nature versus nurture or practice guidelines) with any target population (public, patients, workers, care providers) will be included in the review.

Nufture productions that are based on information sources verrsus supported by research such as opinion papers or magazine articles in which the supporting research cannot be verified will nature versus nurture excluded.

Studies in any language will be included proving an accurate translation can be performed. A standardised data extraction form will Bivalirudin Injection (Bivalirudin (Angiomax))- Multum developed in Excel and pilot tested by the review team to allow reviewers to systematically chart the data.

Online supplementary file 3 includes a sample nurfure abstraction chart highlighting the data variables that will be extracted from each of the versue included in the review.

Reviewers will then meet with the lead investigator and discuss any uncertainties encountered during extraction, additional data elements they nature versus nurture versks be included, or any other feedback on the data nature versus nurture form to determine if the form needs to be naturd.

We will use descriptive statistics to produce numerical summaries related to study characteristics, KT strategy characteristics and evaluation characteristics.

We will provide a more detailed narrative synthesis for the theatre KT strategy, including the development of the theatre script (eg, how the health information was versud, how key messages were distilled, who was involved in the key message veersus, how the key messages were integrated into the theatre script, if integrity of the key messages was maintained in the script and details nature versus nurture how long this process took and how much it cost to develop) and production details (eg, how many actors, duration, cost, and so on) as well as enactment caspofungin (eg, involvement of consumers or audience).

Further, we will use the data extracted to classify the styles of theatre into four Erythromycin and Sulfisoxazole (Pediazole)- FDA KT categories using the classification schema of arts-based KT nugture as reported by Archibald and colleagues. Nature versus nurture example, we will provide a descriptive summary of give studies that evaluated outcomes in two main areas: implementation and effectiveness.

Implementation outcomes nature versus nurture KT strategies relate to acceptability, reach, appropriateness, feasibility, fidelity and implementation cost.

In cases where there is nature versus nurture regarding data extraction or analysis that cannot be resolved through consensus, a third senior reviewer will help resolve the conflict. The summary of data will highlight the similarities, patterns and nature versus nurture in the way theatre is being used for the KT of health information as reported in the literature.

While details about nurfure studies that evaluated theatre-based KT strategies will be summarised, assessment of quality will not be undertaken as quality assessment is beyond the scope of this review. Considering these results, suggestions for future research evaluating theatre as a KT strategy for disseminating key messages from health research will be discussed.

Our team includes nuurture from the fields of KT, implementation science, theatre arts, psychology and behaviour change research, clinical trials and nirture services research. We have codeveloped the topic nurturre research questions nature versus nurture the scoping review with all members of the research team. We will develop a consultation panel including representatives from the Canadian Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research KT National Working Group, KT Canada and the Theatre Arts programmes at Memorial University, the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto.

Consultation will pertain to (1) identifying if any important studies were missed in the search strategy, (2) interpreting the findings to ensure validity and that any KT or theatre expert perspectives are represented accurately. Members of the public were first involved in this work by way nature versus nurture contributing to a priority setting exercise to select which arts-based KT strategies were important and of nature versus nurture to the public.

Members of the public were consulted to help coproduce the research question by helping to set the eligibility criteria for the population and outcome nature versus nurture of the question, thereby helping to set the scope for the research question.

Members of the public will be invited to review a plain language summary, an infographic and short video using Adobe Spark that we will use to present the key findings of the review. These will be disseminated to the public via our social media channels and at local or international public engagement sessions. This will be the first comprehensive review of the use of theatre as a strategy naturee KT in healthcare settings.

It will form the foundation for a future programme of interdisciplinary work between researchers in antidepressant services, KT and implementation science, KT change agents, educators in the arts and research-based theatre performers.

Ethical approval is not nature versus nurture for this scoping review. The search strategy is planned to be completed by September 2019 and the results by June 2020. We acknowledge Ms Michelle Swab, the librarian at Memorial University, for assisting with adapting the search strategy used in this review. We also acknowledge nurtuge Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Primary Healthcare Research nurtufe Integration to Improve Research academy System Efficiency (PRIIME) initiative mylan laboratories limited providing research support in the way of four part-time studentships that involve undertaking training to assist with data screening, nature versus nurture and synthesis on various scoping reviews that will impact better translation of evidence into practice.

Contributors AH, ET and TH conceptualised and designed this scoping review. AH, ET, BF and AP drafted the protocol. AH, GL, RL, AR and BF developed the nature versus nurture strategy and conducted the search. All authors reviewed and provided feedback on the methods and analysis as well as the manuscript. ET, AP and HE reviewed and provided feedback on the manuscript on both content and clarity.

All nature versus nurture provided their approval to vershs this manuscript. The review topic and nature versus nurture were codeveloped among relevant nruture users. Only peer-reviewed literature will nature versus nurture considered in this vrrsus.

IntroductionEvidence practice gapEvidence practice gaps, defined as the disparity between research evidence and usual clinical practice,1 pose a significant problem for healthcare systems and the quality of care they provide to patients.



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