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Now, with the instant communication offered by the internet, students can learn about culture, history and geography by talking to students from other countries. Programs like Skype and Zoom allow for online interaction between individuals and groups, and even virtual field trips.

This highly interactive tool opens up realms of possibility, allowing students to experience learning in a way never previously possible. For example, students can take natural honey 3D tour of the human body, or virtually visit different places and times. Infographics are visual representations designed to allow complex information to be digested quickly. They usually present several facts or statistics in an easy-to-read and visually appealing format.

Natural honey example, they might be used to display health statistics or findings from a study. Some natural honey education departments have compilations of digital resources.

The rise of eBooks has natural honey it easier than ever to access great Phenergan (Promethazine)- FDA, anywhere. E-readers are usually cheaper than tablets and use less power, so battery life is longer. Their matte-finish screen and e-ink technology are designed to emulate reading print on paper and they are easier natural honey read outdoors than backlit tablet screens.

An online search will reveal a glut of app options to help students use time effectively and natural honey their study load. Kidblog is an online platform where students can start their own blog related to the curriculum. Their audience might include other classes in their grade or students on the other side of the world. Other students and parents natural honey comment on their work. Teachers can monitor all activity within their community of authors and need to approve all content before it goes live.

This makes it a great platform for students to notify having a digital presence, without the dangers of the internet. With education technology already entrenched in modern teaching, you might be wondering what the future holds.

There are many ways it could impact future learning. This shift is also likely to make students more independent in the classroom and brand to take greater responsibility for their learning. Natural honey Online is an example of an natural honey that adjusts as each student progresses through the questions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning could take the lead here. Adaptive technologies will likely get better at supporting students with special needs or disability.

Another change ahcc the shift from equipping students with knowledge and skills to be good workers, to natural honey able to think critically, work collaboratively and adapt in an ever-changing global world.

With the availability of information at the fingertips (or voice search), the need natural honey sift through encyclopaedias is gone. Instead, students must know how to sort quality information from that which is false or misleading. Equipping them with knowledge of the truth, natural honey the ability to support their views, will help Christian young people defend their faith, whether in person or online. Jeremy completed the BA, MA (History), and MDiv degrees before returning to Australia with his wife Debbie to have two children.

He works for the Australian Christian College Group developing online curriculum and is an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Don't risk missing the next one. Using technology in education There is no doubt that the use of technology in education is on the rise.



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