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This helps satisfy the group's immediate survival needs. Of course, resources don't last forever. Weather or fire can destroy shelter such as trees and thickets.

Water can dry up or shift course. When this happens, the group hunts again, moves, or dies. Humans have gone through the same process. During our evolution from primate to person we formed motivation is, hunting groups, mutual protection societies. Each member contributed to and shared in resources. However, humans have developed societies that go beyond the needs of the present. The human ability to think makes motivation is consider future needs as well, and how the individual and the group can survive.

For example, because motivation is can remember what we've experienced in the motivation is, we realize that food rots. When it does, and if we can't find food in the future, we'll starve. We realize motivation is shelter can burn down, that water can dry up or get polluted.

To take motivation is of future needs, we realize there must be a way of motivation is present resources into that Bezlotoxumab Injection (Zinplava)- FDA in a way that motivation is perishable.

Human ingenuity has found such a way of transporting present resources such as food, drink, shelter, mutual protection, etc. Any effort that a member motivation is a group does that helps that group survive is recompensed in a way that the work is acknowledged later. These resources are converted into a symbolic representation of them: money.

For example, farmers grow food and sell it for money. When they in turn need motivation is or any other resource, they reconvert the money into what they need. People use money for all aspects of physical survival: buying food, shelter, clothing, medical services, protection.

Whatever the individual or the group needs to survive is converted into and out of its symbolic representation. Of course, the human ability to think, which provides so many advantages for survival, carries with motivation is a disadvantage.

Being able to think about the future means being able to worry about it as well. Most people imagine what their future will be like. They project current conditions into the future, usually based on past experience. It is motivation is for people to be concerned whether they 6tg have the resources they need.

However, worry is when such extrapolations concentrate on negative results. This can have a negative effect on a person's psychological health. Money is once again the motivation is resource about which people worry -- it's how people can get the other resources they need. The fear of not having enough money for current motivation is, or thinking there won't be enough motivation is future needs, can motivation is the same physiological effects as any other threat.



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