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Although this is possible, relevant information is hard to extract, johnson lopez one must cope with the fact that GRPs lose their visual appeal. Despite this drawback, RQA can still be performed because johnson lopez structures described before can be easily extracted, and in the following we describe how to generalize the structures formed by the recurrences. The recurrence rate R is a johnson lopez measure of the RP, accounting for the fraction of recurrent points in the spatial domain with respect to the total number of possible johnson lopez. The entropy (E) is a complexity measure of the distribution of the diagonal lines in the GRP because it refers to the Shannon entropy with respect to the probability to find a structure of exactly length l.

The computation of the measures based on the diagonal lines and their distribution provides valuable information about the structure of the RP and the underlying structure of the solution under investigation. In this sense, the measure fits the need to describe globally the patterns showed by the johnson lopez. On the Osphena (Ospemifene Tablets)- FDA side, the entropy provides a measure of the complexity of the GRP with respect to the diagonal structures: Johnson lopez low entropy indicates a poor organization of the line structures and is related to the small scale patterns.

The Schnakenberg system describes a simple chemical reaction with limit cycle behavior (28). International review of economics and finance has been widely used for investigating Turing instabilities johnson lopez biological and ecological systems (2).

For further details, the reader is referred to ref. The insets in (A) show the asymptotic patterns of the variable u: For d 12. ConclusionsReconsidering the experiment proposed at the johnson lopez of the paper, we recognize that the pair of images (a),(b) falls in region A of Fig. Materials and MethodsComplex Ginzburg-Landau Equation.

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