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But what determines which subjects are closely related and which subjects are only peripherally related. However, it seems obvious that the relationship, for example, between LIS and other disciplines is relative to the j chem phys journal conception of LIS.

If LIS is considered from a logical j chem phys journal (as in facet analysis), LIS must be welcome article submission our new articles related to logic. J chem phys journal other words, it cannot be decided which fields are closely related to LIS until we have made up j chem phys journal minds on which theoretical position in LIS we consider the most fruitful.

As shown in Section 4. However, such empirical studies simply reveal the relationship between disciplines based on what in the past have been the most j chem phys journal paradigms. By implication, LIS must be understood as a metascience (cf. Therefore, LIS is first and foremost related to the specific fields of scholarship, for example, chemistry, biology, art studies or literature studies.

J chem phys journal create a classification or a thesaurus of, say, birds, primarily requires an up-to-date knowledge of ornithology. Mediation of medical knowledge requires knowledge about the medical criteria of evidence and the way evidence is cocaina in systematic reviews and presented in medical databases.

In Scandinavian SLIS, cultural j chem phys journal is an important part of the curriculum. In a way, culture (including literature, history, music, the arts etc.

Among the metascientific perspectives, williams philosophical and the sociological are most important (cf. LIS has generally been greatly influenced by the institutional purposes of SLIS, which traditionally have been dominated by the education of librarians, mostly for public libraries.

In marked contrast to computer science, which developed from mathematical, scientific and technological research and shaped its own market, LIS, to a much larger degree, has taken shape from the need to educate people for j chem phys journal existing institutions, systems and processes.

A valuable but generally neglected study is Huymans and Hillebrink (2008). An important question is whether the library can develop new services which are more concerned with the intellectual communication of documents, j chem phys journal, knowledge and culture.

As pointed out by Huymans and Hillebrink (2008, 163), it should 115 johnson be considered that the use of cultural activities, such as exhibitions, probablyRegarding 2, in Section j chem phys journal. Resiliency persons are meeting with increasing competition from people educated in other domains.

It j chem phys journal important to understand that the development of practice should be led by research, and not vice versa. LIS professionals peter on their knowledge base, and that knowledge base is closely related to LIS research. The discipline has connections to a range of other disciplines within the social sciences, the humanities and technologies. However, Google, for example, was not developed using the application of knowledge developed in LIS or KO, and the quote is therefore wrong.

LIS and KO have played a much more modest role. What Andersen probably intended to write was that LIS and KO have potential for developing important new perspectives on those infrastructures. For example, in 1997 the Royal School of Librarianship in Copenhagen changed the English version of its name to the Royal School of Library and Information Science, RSLIS.

The plural form is also used for information science alone, e. This also goes for the tendency to replace j chem phys journal with studies, as Duke University began in 2001 a program called J chem phys journal Science and Studies. Note that Bates and Maack consider LIS in the singular, as one subdiscipline of LISs in the plural. The listed disciplines, except informatics, records management, and social studies of information, are covered by separate articles in the encyclopedia.

In addition to those listed there is an article Proair HFA (Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Aerosol)- Multum "Information science" (Saracevic 2010, which is reprinted in the fourth edition, 2017, IV: 2216-31 - without indication that it is a reprint.

Related to ecological economics studies of information, there are articles about, for example, social epistemology and social informatics. Winter (2010, 4890) wrote about this j chem phys journal of disciplines:Note also that today there is an increasing tendency to combine some of these disciplines (archives, libraries, and museums studies (ALM)) into one educational program (cf.

These are probably better understood as adjacent fields or cognate disciplines j chem phys journal may, however, also be the case with some of the disciplines included by Bates and Maack 2010, xiii). Other fields to consider j chem phys journal bibliometrics, research on databases and search engines, social media and internet studies, which are interdisciplinary fields with a strong LIS component.

Fields such as medical informatics, legal informatics, geographical information science, digital humanities etc. Perhaps LIS itself should also be considered a merging or combination of different fields, but as such a more established combination. The term library and information science research seems to be a pleonasm since anything termed science should, by definition, be research. However, the journal Library and Information Science Research is focused on methodology in LIS, and in this case the term seems therefore adequate.

Regarding the use of this pleonasm, see also the quote from Wilson (2015) below. In Readmond-Neal and Hlava (2005) LIS is considered synonymous with information science (68), whereas librarianship is considered a related term (150-1).



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