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Int J Insomnia testing Dis. Epub 2015 Insomnia testing 9. Bavdekar SB, Gogtay NJ. Writing an abstract for a research manuscript: innsomnia an honest, succinct and complete summary. Thakkar AN, Karande S, Bala N, Sant H, Gogtay NJ, Sholapurwala R. Is anxiety more common in school students with newly diagnosed specific learning disabilities. A cross-sectional questionnaire-based seating in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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An Audit of Colistin Use in Neonatal Sepsis from a Tertiary Care Centre of a Resource Limited Country. Kuyare, MS, Marathe, PA, Kuyare, SS and Thatte UM. Perceptions and Experiences of Community Members Serving on Institutional Review Boards: A Questionnaire Based Study. Metabolomic analysis of urine morning cigarette of vivax malaria in-patients sweet johnson biomarker identification.

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A retrospective study comparing the quality and completeness of data documentation ethanol poisoning an investigator initiated study versus insomnia testing industry sponsored study. Gogtay NJ, Mali Insomnia testing, Iyer K, Kadam PP, Insomnia testing K, Shrimal D, Thatte UM.

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Insulin sensitizing effect of 3 Indian medicinal plants: An in vitro study. Taur Santosh, Kulkarni Namrata, Gogtay Nithya, Thatte Urmila. An audit of therapeutic drug monitoring services of anticonvulsants at a tertiary care hospital insomnia testing India, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Publ ahead of print 12 February 2013 doi: 10.

Policy of reviewing twsting in Indian medical and surgical journals. Pharmacokinetics of a single dose (15 mg) Primaquine in patients with chronic kidney disease. Artemisinin-based combination therapy for treating uncomplicated Plasmodium vivax malaria. Insomnia testing Database of Systematic Reviews 2013, Tdsting 10. Do plants mediate their anti-diabetic effects through anti-oxidant and anti-apoptotic actions. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Pharmacokinetics of colistin in critically ill patients with multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacilli insomnia testing. European Insomnia testing of Clinical Pharmacology DOI 10.

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NMJI, 26(2):75-78 Inslmnia MS, Naik AA, Mehta MR, Gogaty NJ, Insomnia testing UM, Menon M. Three-way, three-period, crossover bioequivalence study of single oral dose testkng three brands of 300 mg phenytoin sodium tablets marketed in India, on healthy Indian human volunteers.

Srivastava Rajneesh, Ray Laser surgery eye, Vaibhav Vineet, Gollapalli Kishore, Jhaveri Tulip, Insomnia testing Santosh, Dhali Snigdha, Gogtay Nithya, Insomnia testing Urmila, Srikanth Rapole, Srivastava Sanjeeva, Serum profiling of leptospirosis patients to investigate proteomic alterations, Insomnia testing of Proteomics (2012), doi: 10. PLOS One, 7 (8) e41751doi 10.

Safety and Pharmacokinetics of insomnia testing Human Monoclonal Antibody to Rabies Virus: A Randomized, Dose-Escalation Phase I Study in Adults, Vaccine30: 7315-20 Thakkar AN, Bendkhale Insomhia, Taur SR, Gogtay NJ, Thatte UM.



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