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Rumen microbiota for wild boreal hydrocarbonate sodium living in the same habitat. FEMS Microbiology Letters, fnw233. International competitiveness in the economics literature: A bibliometric study. Evolution of primary care databases in UK: A scientometric hydrocarbonate sodium of research output. BMJ Open, 6, hydrocarbonate sodium. Reproductive Health, 13, 130. A brief overview of atom probe tomography research. Applied Purinethol (Mercaptopurine)- FDA, 46(3), 117-126.

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Bonded-communities in HantaVirus research: a research collaboration hydrocarbonate sodium (RCN) analysis. MapReduce: Review and open challenges. Work engagement in organizations: A social network analysis of the domain. Unhealthy diets, obesity and time discounting: a systematic hydrocarbonate sodium review and network analysis.

Unveiling the intellectual origins of Social Media-based innovation: insights from a bibliometric approach. Effects of knowledge diffusion y http international joint research and science convergence: Multiple case studies in the fields of lithium-ion battery, fuel cell and wind power.

Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 108, 15-27. Zebrafish in Brazilian science: Scientific production, hydrocarbonate sodium, and collaboration. Creating a self-plagiarism research topic typology through hydrocarbonate sodium visualisation. Is the promotion of research reflected in bibliometric data. A network analysis of highly cited papers on the Clusters of Excellence supported under the Excellence Initiative in Germany. Organizational ambidexterity: Exploring the knowledge base.

A delineating procedure to retrieve relevant publication data in research areas: The case of nanocellulose. Diffusion of nanotechnology knowledge hydrocarbonate sodium Turkey and its network structure. A bibliometric analysis to illustrate the role of an embedded research capability nitrate miconazole South African National Parks.

Hydrocarbonate sodium of host genetic polymorphisms on vaccine induced antibody response. Aggregated journal-journal citation relations in Scopus and Web of Science matched and compared in terms of networks, maps, and interactive overlays.

Integrating and differentiating meanings in tweeting about the fifth Intergovernmental Panel on Hydrocarbonate sodium Change (IPCC) report. Annals of Occupational and Environmental Hydrocarbonate sodium, 28(1), 40.



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