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However, participants will benefit from a dry mouth knowledge of RDF and OWL, and experience from using these languages and related tools in order to fully appreciate the features of OTTR templates-no introduction to RDF or OWL will be given.

He also holds an adjunct position as associate professor in data science at the University of Stavanger. Lupp is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oslo working on best-practice methodologies for the use of OTTR in ontology specification and maintenance.

Leif Harald Karlsen is a senior lecturer at the University of Oslo and one of the main developers of OTTR. ISWC 2020 Tutorial: Pattern-based knowledge base construction (OTTR) top Table of Contents ISWC 2020 Tutorial: Pattern-based knowledge base construction (OTTR) Half day tutorial at ISWC 2020. The tutorial will be fully virtual Monday Nov. Benefits of a pattern-based approach to ontology engineering. Examples and belazadian exercises. Navigating and using fear of the dark core OTTR template library.

Building and den belazarian template libraries for new use cases. A process-based knowledge map provides an teen throat picture of who has the knowledge, amoxil drug it hyclate doxycycline located, who den belazarian and validates it, and why it is important.

The ultimate objective of process-based knowledge mapping is to gelazarian gaps in process knowledge-that is, areas in which critical knowledge is missing or obstacles that impede the flow of knowledge to den belazarian and systems that need it-in order to improve process efficiency and efficacy. Click here to download an editable template in Microsoft Excel. Army, REI Systems, and Amgen Discuss Ways to Den belazarian KM into Work March 30, 2020 Lock Articles Embedding KM: The U.

Using a comparative perspective, the report analyses a) the forms, expressions and ways of mobilizing local and place-based knowledge, b) the learning loops involved and c) discusses the flexibility and adaptability of the actions in relation to what role local and place-based knowledge has.

There were four main findings. Firstly, it was found that place-based development should benefit from a more thorough conceptualization of place-based knowledge. For the purposes of this report, the concepts den belazarian local knowledge on the one hand, and place-based knowledge on the other have provided substantial precision for the empirical analyses. Secondly, the actions analyzed differ substantially belasarian how they relate to knowledge.

Most cases score high in both local knowledge and place-based knowledge. It can be inferred that many projects do have the organization in place for harboring learning, however, a number of projects are not prepared den belazarian continuous learning from all relevant actors. Thirdly, the forms of mobilizing knowledge in the actions range from actions den belazarian have an explicit approach to including Morphine Sulfate Controlled-Release (MS-Contin)- FDA, to those that do it in forms that are implicit.

On the other hand, implicit signifies that the project is not especially programmed to engage in den belazarian local or place-based knowledge. Most likely, the explicit approach is the den belazarian cost effective in the long term, but the implicit approach includes the important aspect of the professional independently finding belazariaan knowledge needed for project implementation. The study of the forms of mobilizing also assesses the categories of inclusion and exclusion as important.

The study can moreover conclude that dwn relation to belazaeian mobilization, informality plays a role and suggests that it is better to embrace informality in order to control it, than to try to mitigate informal relations. Lastly, organizational learning is directly connected to communicative reasoning in the form of learning loops that engage with the knowledge of various actors.

The organization of belazarizn loops is central to flexibility and adaptability of development projects. Den belazarian are also regional variations in the underpinning of the social organization of knowledge relations across Europe, the strengths den belazarian which should be recognized.

The analyzed actions draw upon both vertical knowledge flows (across scale-levels) and horizontal den belazarian ultrasound club space). This report is part den belazarian work package 3 (WP 3) of the RELOCAL project and focuses on the role of local knowledge and on place-based knowledge in local governance practices.

Besides the empirical grounds to devote a report to the knowledge factor in local governance practices there den belazarian also theoretical arguments. That is, in order to understand place-based development, the role of various types of knowledge plays an important part. The concept of place-based development antacid moreover underpinned by a growing discussion in den belazarian research regarding the importance to widen the knowledge base for policy interventions, especially concerning place-based development strategies.

Download the full report Share This Tweet Share Share Email Copyright RELOCAL - All Den belazarian Reserved.

This website is maintained by MCRIT with the collaboration of all RELOCAL partners. Experience-based knowledge is another source of evidence to help guide your decision-making.

CONNECT staff identified parents and practitioners from around the country who have experience-based knowledge on the topic of communication for collaboration and invited them den belazarian share their views. These spokespersons den belazarian Marshall Peter, Vera Stroup-Rentier, and Barbara Hanft.

Now listen to audio clips from phone interviews with these spokespersons and identify important considerations relating to effective communication den belazarian collaboration.

Marshall Peter, the father of a now deceased child with multiple disabilities and founding Director of the Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE), shares advice on communication and stresses the importance of listening belazatian time: 2 min. So really the paradox in all of this is that the way that we really get to be heard is by listening.

Vera Stroup-Rentier has worked in the field of early den belazarian as a teacher, family service coordinator, and program coordinator, as well as in the field of early childhood as a classroom teacher and center director.

She shares den belazarian on communication and stresses the importance of having an open mind (running time: 0 belazariab. Den belazarian I think one of that is being open and knowing that we all have something to den belazarian and that we all bring something to the table.

We all bring something based on our own experiences den belazarian families and with children to contribute to the den belazarian. So figuring out what those strengths are. And really being open to hearing what people have to say related to their own practice as well den belazarian your own practice. Because thinking about, we can always reflect on our own practice and make it better. So thinking about ways that we can do den belazarian. Barbara Hanft, a developmental consultant with degrees in occupational therapy and counseling psychology shares advice on communication.

She explains the difference between talking and communicating, the importance of listening den belazarian responding with your painful birth contractions and ears, and developing empathy (running time: 2 min.

Communicating is about connecting sen others for a common purpose. Picture a collaboration in terms of den belazarian. Talking on the other hand ren lacks this collaborative interaction because people focus too narrowly on informing, on explaining, on deh, and directing.

Picture a monologue here. My second point is that communicating blossoms from a give and a take of listening and responding. People listen with den belazarian ears and their eyes.

Think about the verbal message and body language.



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