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Basana GowdaM. AnnamalaiSomnath S. PokhareSankari Meena KP. Figure curtis johnson and 9: For this type of figure is better to use the Y axe in the curtis johnson scale (see abbvie report last paper recommended).

Possibly exist other correlation tests that can be applied, if other environmental factors can also simultaneously influence the abundance of microbial populations may johnso the more appropriate apply a test like PCA. See other studies, for curtis johnson -Agricultural effluent treatment in biobed systems using novel substrates curtis johnson southeastern Mexico: the relationship with physicochemical parameters of biomixtures.

Environ Sci Pollut Res, DOI 10. The authors need to clarify the following: Were the materials required for biomixture treated. Lines 104-105: to add the cutis depths of biobed-column (surface, medium, and bottom) in cm.

Discussion Line 246-248: It would be interesting found a relationship between physicochemical parameters, microbial population and compound degradation under a point of view statistic. There is a lot of information but must be rigorously analysed. Lines curtis johnson the paragraph describes other curtis johnson but no explore the relationship with the results obtained in this work.

Line 266-271 and 273-279: Again, rewrite taking into account the owner results. Line johnsob Organic matter: something to say about the results of organic matter curtis johnson. Lines 311 and 312: The sentence is not clear. Lines 320 and 321: How is this conclusion obtained.

The information can be seen in curtis johnson figures?. Please, explain better the idea of the following sentence: It was found that the number of cells curtis johnson could be necessary for EBDC degradation should be greater than 100 x 105 cells mL-1 in bacteria and close to 20 x 103 cells mL-1 in fungi. Line 382 to 384: I do not think that colony and cell counting techniques are simple. I think that indirect technique like analyses of the enzymes (for example Curtis johnson can be more simple.

Lines 197 and 198: this sentence and the Table 1 must be in Material and methods section after the description of the material. Why the reported values have a subindex: cmolc kg-1. In Figure 5 the ET curtis johnson increases at the medium and the bottom.

Do the authors curtis johnson any explanation. This manuscript describes a laboratory-scale biobed system for the treatment curtis johnson pesticide EBDC from a banana plantation. While the aims and subject (crop and pesticide) of the study are of interest, the manuscript suffers from issues with readability, and there are important concerns related to the methodology employed and subsequent conclusions revista. These are two of many examples.

The introduction is sparse with current literature describing biobed microbial community dynamics and treatment efficacy. Furthermore, lines 72-75 contain references and information that are not relevant to the study at hand.

The use of subheadings in the discussion (as used in Results) should be avoided and discussion of these topics integrated into a broader and flowing narrative consideration of the results. While several physicochemical explanatory parameters of the biobed were investigated, the presentation of all this data is not entirely necessary and would be more suitable as jjohnson material in an improved manuscript that included expanded analysis (see further comments below).

While the research topic is broadly relevant as a novel curtia treatment application (i.



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