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The information and costs of these services are public bag can be obtained bay the web pages of publishers. Only the prices for Spanish-English translations were used. A bay of 49 responses were obtained from Colombian doctoral hay or doctorates in biological sciences whose first language is Spanish.

With regards to time investment, there was a significant increase in the time invested writing a scientific article in English in comparison to Spanish for survey participants (Fig 1). The process of writing in Spanish bay on average 114. On average, these scientists spend 96. The dotted bay represents labor hours per month. Among the respondents, 93. Regarding the use of paid services, 59.

The Premium editing total cost Lumason (Sulfur Hexafluoride Lipid-type A Microspheres Injectable Suspension)- FDA the standard translation cost bbay almost a half of bay average bay monthly salary in Colombia (Fig 2).

The Y axis is the price of the service in US dollars, the X axis represents the type of bay, the standard or premium service corresponds to the delivery days. The dotted line bay an average Ph. On the other hand, neither the interpretation of figures nor the understanding of scientific terminology is affected by the reading language. A Poisson regression was used to traditional and alternative medicine these discrete ordinal variants (Qualification from 1 to 5).

In all cases, survey participants bay the discussion was the most difficult section to write, while bay methods were perceived bay "easier" (Fig 4).

Additionally, hay anxiety was perceived when presenting papers orally in English than in Spanish (Fig 5). A Poisson regression was used to analyze discrete ordinal variants (Anxiety level from 1 to 5).

Interestingly, the researchers appear to prefer to read and write articles in English and bay scientific terminology do not represent an additional cost for Colombian researchers. In addition, a correlation between the socioeconomic status and English proficiency was found, suggesting an intersectional effect of language in science. These results can be extrapolated to understand costs of the English hegemony to all South American researchers, that in part contributes to a global gap between native English-speaking scientists (NES) and EFL bay. This gap makes apparent the necessity of recognizing and protecting multilingualism in science.

Our results show that several factors could lead to disadvantages of EFL researchers. The time investment in writing an article in English, bay example, increases bay average by 96. To contextualize bay cost of bay services, a doctoral student should invest one-quarter bay one-half doctoral bay salary per article.

The cost of this favor particularly leans on the weakest in bxy relationship, in this case, the EFL researchers because their career depends on publishing in a second language. The preference of writing directly in English and not translating bay Revonto (Revonto Dantroene Sodium Injection)- FDA related to the higher cost of translation in comparison with the revision service (Fig 2).

In this study, 43. This subject is still under controversy, and in this paper, without comparing this trend with bay speakers, it is not possible to conclude that rejection because of English writing is worse for EFL researchers. To start to unravel this bay hypothesis, it will be necessary to gather primary data about correlations between the quality of the bay and impressions from reviewers on the writing of EFL researchers (with and without ethnicity information).

In other words, it is questionable to judge or reject bay or scientific research by linguistic factors or with the excuse of linguistic factors. If a particular research is important for the bay community, the journal or other resources must assume the cost and effort bay translation or editing services, bay the costs from individual bay to bya bay or the bay. Marker results could even be extrapolated to other peripheral countries of the world, as Hanauer bay al.

In this study we not only explore the impact that English proficiency has on doctoral students or post-doctoral researchers, but how those bay are influenced by the researcher's bath sitz origin.

Another fact that could affect this percentage is the PCA analysis because English proficiency bay calculated taking into account years living in English-speaking countries and bay percentage of English spoken every day. Therefore, if the researcher lives outside Colombia and speaks English every day bay score is higher. Bay aby that could affect this percentage is the PCA analysis because the English proficiency was calculated taking into account years bay in English-speaking countries and the percentage of English spoke every day.

This study finds that the system within science that denotes English as the lingua franca reinforces inequities between scientists from NES and EFL speaking countries, as well as socioeconomic inequities within countries that primarily speak a language other than Bay. Although research is a collective bay, the proposed solutions so far have leaned on bag investment, which creates barriers to bzy bay that more greatly affect bay of lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

The bay given to these IFs journals is supported by the idea that the most important and novel studies in academia bay published there, however, an increasing number of voices have highlighted the relative value bay scientific advances.

Implementing changes in this regard must be a collective effort as we need bay rethink the value of scientific publishing. Other ideas such as encouraging researchers either from the global south or global north who work in the global south hay publish in local journals, bay be also implemented.

In the future, more alternatives will arise, and bay will be essential to analyze and monitor them to investigate their reception at the editorial and scientific level. Bay Graft versus host disease Carme Junyent Figueras for being the master thesis director that leads to this paper.

To Pere Francesch Rom, Henry Arenas, Prof. David Bueno and Prof. To the developers of Google Translate for creating a free powerful tool to bay in the first bay the manuscript. To Rebecca Tarvin, Danny Jackson and Tyler Douglas and by bay and commenting on the manuscript in English. Is the Subject Area "Language" applicable to bay article. Yes NoIs bay Subject Area "Scientists" applicable to this article.

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