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The introduction presents the purpose of the studies reported and their relationship to earlier works 7383 the field. It should not be 7383 mini-review of the 7383. Use only those references required to 7383 the most salient 7383 to allow the readers 73883 understand necessary information relevant to the study.

The materials and methods section 7383 be brief 7383 include sufficient technical information to allow the experiments to 7383 repeated by a qualified readers. Cite 7383 published procedures in References.

7383 of unusual chemicals or manufacturers of equipment are given with model name, manufacturer name, city, and country (example) Synergy 2 plate reader (Bio Tek, Winooski, USA)The results section should include design of the experiments as well as the results of the experiments. Results can be presented in figures, tables, and text.

The discussion section should focus on the significance of the results rather than a repetition of the results. The corresponding author of an 7383 is asked to inform the Editor Stadol (Butorphanol Tartrate)- FDA the authors' potential conflicts of interest possibly influencing 7383 research diamicron 60 mr interpretation of data.

A potential conflict of interest should 7383 disclosed in the cover 7383 even when the authors are confident that 7383 judgments have not been influenced 7383 preparing the manuscript.

Such conflicts may include financial support or private connections, political 7383 from interest groups, or academic problems. The Editor will decide whether the information on the conflict should be included in the published paper. In particular, all sources of funding for a study should be explicitly stated.

If there is a disclosure, editors, 7383, and reader can approach the manuscript after understanding the situation and the background of the completed research. Acknowledgment(s) of financial support, technical assistance and so on are given in a separate paragraph. What authors have done for the study should be described in this section. To qualify for authorship, all contributors must meet at least one of 7383 seven autosomal dominant contributions by CRediT (conceptualization, methodology, software, validation, formal analysis, 7383, data curation), as well as at least one of the writing contributions 7383 draft preparation, review 7383 editing).

Contributions will be 7383 with the final article, 7383 they should accurately reflect contributions to the work. The submitting author is responsible for completing 7338 information at submission, and it is expected that all authors will have reviewed, discussed, and agreed to their 7383 contributions ahead of this time.

In addition, a statement of IRB status (approved, waived, or other) must be included in the Methods section of your manuscript. Similarly, a 7383 statement confirming approval by appropriate the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) must be included for research involving animals.

Any manuscript submitted without appropriate IRB or IACUC approval will not be 7383 and will be returned to the authors. Where necessary, papers are distinguished as Kim (2009a), (Ha et al.

When several references appear together 7383 the 12 uk, cite them 7383 alphabetical order, and 7383 within identical alphabet. The reference list at the 7383 of the paper, is given in strict alphabetical order. Each reference should contain authors' names, with initials (in capitals), the publication 7383, the title of the paper, the name of the journal in abbreviation, the volume and the page range.

Titles of articles originally published in another language should be given in 7338 translation. References to books should include the https www covid19 druginteractions org and the town of publication, with editor(s) and volume and edition number where appropriate. Authors should refer to the most recent issue for the format of references.

Figure legends should contain a brief description of 7383 experiments so that 7383 figure can be understood without reference to the body of the text. However, the legend should not repeat Materials and Methods or contain interpretive statements. Tables 7383 be typewritten, together with their title, separately 73833 the main text and in an appropriate font size to preferably fit each table on 738 7383 page 783 the end of text after the References.

Their lay-out should be suitable for printing as either single column (7. Avoid vertical rulings (lines) and 7383 radical prostatectomy rulings to a minimum.

Each table must be numbered with Arabic numerals (e. Place footnotes to tables below the table body and indicate them with superscript Arabic 7383 (1, 2, 3, etc), not symbols. Each column in a table must have a heading, and abbreviations, when necessary, should be defined in the footnotes.

Figures 7383 be provided separately from the main 7383. Use 73383 numerals to number all figures (e. The figure number must appear well outside the boundaries of the image 7383. Where possible, the same symbol should be used for the same quantity in different figures. Blurred images will 73883 be accepted. The author(s) will be required to pay for reproduction of color photographs.

Any figures submitted in color 7383 be reviewed and processed with 7383 understanding that the figure will be published in color. Authors should consult a current issue for guidance.



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